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Mirage Nights Presents • Distrikt • Chicago • Fundraiser


Ben Seagren: Ben is best known for his dual roles as Co-Founder and resident DJ of DISTRIKT recognized as the staple party experience of the Burn for its reputable artist roster, beautifully positive crowd experience and definitive, cutting edge sound. Playing host and DJ to well over 35,000 guests every year during one magical week in the desert, it comes as no surprise that Ben and his DISTRIKT moniker continue to entertain thousands of fans and followers all over the world.

Dominating San Francisco’s house & techno scene for over a decade with long-term residencies at both award-winning Ruby Skye (2003-2009) and legendary End-Up (2004-2015), Seagren’s impeccable taste and undeniable talent earned him the respect of even the most discriminating of techno aficionados- fans and peers alike. With a passion for connecting like minded souls on the dance floor and the continued support from a loyal fan base, Ben is propelling himself to new heights as one of the sonic architects behind tech-house’s most recent redesign.

While traveling constantly between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Ben regularly plays events up a down the California coast at Public Works, Audio, The Great Northern, The Midway, Spin, Sound and has held court at Ayslum After-hours in Honolulu, Flash & uHall in DC, Output, House Of Yes & City of Gods in New York and Heart in Miami, to name a few. He is also constantly organizing DISTRIKT events while performing over 100 gigs per year in clubs and festivals across the world. Ben has been a guest performer at the BPM festival, Desert Hearts, Lovebox in London, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis & of course Burning Man.

DJ Kramer: As a staple of the San Francisco House music scene, DJ Kramer is known for his unique tech house sound and always keeping things fun on the dance floor. Spending his formative dance music years listening to the likes of Steve Lawler, Sasha & Digweed and Danny Tenaglia, Kramer’s career started in a time when DJs were selectors who could put together a meaningful set for the dance floor, not just producers with a hit song. His passion for DJing shows not only from the smile on his face behind the decks, but though the energy and emotion his music lends to the dance floor night after night.

Jimmy Vega: Jimmy has recently started breaking out into the Chicago music scene in 2017 by playing small house parties and events. His style of underground varies from Tech House of those dirty warehouses to deep playa vibes you will find on your dusty desert days. Spending the last few years heavily gathering inspiration everywhere from warehouses in Chicago to Detroit, festivals/events all over including Movement to Desert Hearts to Burning Man. Spending time behind the decks is one of his favorite ways of enjoying a party, knowing that because of the short time he is back there, he is making an impact and a memory for those attendees

Hummingbird: Hummingbird can’t really recall life without music. Her classical training began at age four with violin, and never one to sit still for long, it was followed closely by piano, clarinet and drums. She grew up performing in symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles and marching bands, and began composing classical music at the age of 10. With broad influences ranging from Boards of Canada and The Chemical Brothers to Dmitri Kabalevsky’s piano concertos, Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash, she’s at home in the studio, drawing on the fertile ground of classical training and an insatiable appetite for both sound and technology. As a DJ, her performances are dynamic and emotive, driven by relentless curation and an energetic, intuitive connection to the dance floor. Her productions feature the same complex, melodic elements as her DJ sets, with a focus on intelligent, forward-thinking sounds from across the spectrum of house and techno.

Zenas White: Enigma doesn’t quite cut it, but this offbeat mop of hair and obsession with hunting sounds from the bohemian fringes of house and techno will certainly kickstart your body’s rhythm. Rivaled by stories of his travels to the far-flung reaches of the world, partying with the infamous Conspiracy Crew downunder, playing airplane hangars in Mexico City and curating pop up dust shenanigans in Black Rock City.
What do these ramblings actually mean?
Simple: strap yourself in, because this Chicago native is guaranteed to deliver an ethereal dance floor experience.
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Mirage Nights is stepping out of the horizon and into your field of view. What was once a blur, now stands in front of your own two eyes. A night of music and entertainment that will be sure to leave you wanting more. Here a night out with us, we strive to bring you an environment that is kind and welcoming to everybody. We do not discriminate against any of the variety of people that will be attending. With that being said discrimination or sexual harassment WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. We strive to make a friendly environment, it only takes a moment to apologize for bumping into somebody, or spilling a drink, or the accidental bonk on the head of the person next to you while dancing. A little goes a long way with kindness so make sure to bring good vibes.

This is a CONSENT CONSCIOUS event, Please ASK FIRST in all matters!

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUP to save on waste

Address will be delivered to attendees the day before the event.
Tickets for this event are non refundable.