Camp with us

Thank you for your interest in camping with DISTRIKT!

Our camp is made up of amazing people who contribute to the build and creation of DISTRIKT year round. Bringing our gift to the playa takes a significant amount of blood, sweat and tears, but it is also an extremely fun and rewarding experience.

To become a member of DISTRIKT we have several requirements:

  • A personal reference from a past or current camp member.

  1. This person will act as your mentor and confidant. Your attitude and behavior at the camp will be a reflection of both you and your personal reference member.

  • Several work shifts on playa to support the camp.

  1. Everyone is a contributor to DISTRIKT on the playa, it takes our entire camp to do what we do. Expect to jump in and help.

  • Time at our ranch outside Sacramento to help with packing/unpacking of our trucks, assembling our stage, and preparing our bar (if regionally able)

  1. We usually have between 3-6 work weekends prior to leaving for burning man and these are the best way to get to know our community. If you live outside of the SF Bay Area, please make an effort to attend at least one work weekend if possible, but we understand that this may be physically or financially impossible for some. If that is the case, let us know what you can do to help the camp from your remote location.

  • Assistance with fundraisers and pre-playa activities.

  1. We produce fundraising events around the world, so chances are there will be one near you. Fundraising promotion also happens online, which can be done from anywhere!

  • Commitment to an eight hour strike shift on the Sunday of burn week.

  1. It sure is fun to throw the best party on the playa all week long, but that also means it needs to get cleaned up. Plan on staying until the truck doors are closed and locked on Sunday night. THIS IS MANDATORY for all campers.

  • Camp dues to cover the cost of on-playa camp amenities:

  1. Camp member shade lounge/chill area, showers, kitchen area.

  2. Drinks from our bar during daytime hours.

  • Commitment to Burning Man’s Leave No Trace principle - ie MOOP (matter out of place).

  1. You must be part of our daily MOOP lines and all-camp MOOP effort at Sunday Strike. We must improve our MOOP rating from years past to ensure we can return in the future as a placed camp.

  2. You must carry out all of your personal trash.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY. If you register to camp with us, you must be accountable and show up for your shifts and camp strike.

  1. If you miss your shifts and/or strike, you will not be able to camp with us in the future. All of us go to the burn to have fun; it isn’t any fun to pick up double shifts or strike twice as long when not everyone is accountable.

  • Respect for yourself and others, and for the playa and the contributions of our team.

  1. We have zero tolerance for drama, discrimination, sexual misconduct, or violence. You will be asked to leave our camp and/or our events immediately.

  2. De-commodification. Do not join our camp for a cool backdrop to your Instagram account or as a place to hawk your products (or worse). This violates the very principles of Burning Man, and is disrespectful to the volunteers who donate their time and energy to create DISTRIKT.

  3. You MUST be over 21 as we run a bar on playa and comply with Nevada liquor laws.

Our camp is made up of people from all over the US - and some abroad - and we volunteer our time to make DISTRIKT a magical experience. It takes sweat equity and elbow grease to make our epic party happen each August. We are a 100% volunteer organization.

If you are a first time burner, we suggest thinking twice about the work requirement of our camp - there are so many things to see and experience on playa and balancing that with a large music camp that has a significant work requirement may be overwhelming the first time you are in Black Rock City. You can always visit us each day!

We will open up camp registration to new members in June, after we have a headcount on returning campers. We limit camp to about 175 people per year to make sure to have a sense of community in camp and also enough amenities for our crew.

If building, doing and creating community through sweat equity is what you are looking for, then we are thrilled to have you. Our build team starts planning in April, and the Kamp Kore (nine volunteers who work year round) began our logistics in January. We are an amazing and dedicated group of very talented people, and are always thrilled to find another one of our own up for the challenge of being part of DISTRIKT.

Email if you’d like to join our crew for 2019.