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S.A.S.H. by Day at Greenwood - Sydney, Australia

Direct for the heartlands of Burning Man, presented by S.A.S.H & Subsonic for the first time in Australia, not that they need an introduction…. welcome to DISTRIKT

In the truly hearted ethos of building and supporting an inclusive and diverse community by embracing people, music and art, DISTRIKT is a non-profit music and art collective born of in the sands of Burning Man. Their ideals of celebrating community, the pure joy of giving offer a truly unique experience and aura within the electronic world.

Paying homage to electronic music and alternative arts by throwing furious and fierce events in the desert and beyond their non-profit approach allows them to fuel art grants for project which otherwise may not have manifested. This is their culture, this is their art, this is their gift.

In alignment with the spirit of one of our home-grown events, Subsonic have teamed up with S*A*S*H to play host to Ben Seagren, DJ Kramer and Paul Geddes under the DISTRIKT banner as the Australian summer begins to cool. 
Whether you’re gearing up for it, reminiscing about it or want a taste of it the DISTRIKT stage is one of the most sought-after highlights at the infamous Burning Man event with a style, pizazz and sound truly their own.

Sharing the vision of DISTRIKT, it only seemed fitting to place MSG flying the Subsonic banner with desert veteran and music master, Alan Thomas to tie things up nicely.
★ DISTRIKT ★ Hosted by S*A*S*H & Subsonic ★ 

★ Ben Seagren ★ DJ Kramer ★ Paul Geddes ★

♫ Alan Thomas

2pm till 10pm / $15 all day on the door