A BRAND NEW LOOK FOR DISTRIKT at Burning man 2018!

For Burning Man 2018 we are redesigning DISTRIKT from the ground up! Our goal has always been to throw the most fun and welcoming daytime party on the Playa, while at the same time working hard to be as environmentally conscious as possible. This is quite a challenge considering we host close to 5,000 people at our camp everyday, all week long. 

Since DISTRIKT began in 2010, we have always built our stages with wood and screws, including the new stage we built in 2017. While we work very hard to scrub the Playa clean and leave no trace, those material choices have continually created ongoing MOOP and environmental impact challenges for us. Additionally, our wood stages only last 2-3 years in the harsh desert environment and the materials tend to break down more easily each year that we reuse wood based structures.

So for 2018, we have decided to reduce our footprint as much as possible by moving to a new, long lasting and more MOOP friendly construction. This new stage will be something we can reuse and repurpose with very little environmental impact for many years to come, and since it is almost all steel and aluminum, it is virtually 100% recyclable. The 2018 design is an original concept created by our DISTRIKT Kore Team and has an exciting and much requested new feature we have never had before...SHADE OVER OUR DANCE FLOOR! Finally, you can roll out of bed to come dance and have a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon, without melting in the midday desert sun!

DISTRIKT is and always has been a community funded camp. We rely on profits from our events and donations to fund everything we produce, both on the playa and off. DISTRIKT is a 100% volunteer based 501c3 organization, including the year round Kore Team who work endlessly to produce our events as a gift to the community.

We hope you will considering making a donation of any amount to DISTRIKT to help us fund DISTRIKT 2018!

DISTRIKT is a 501c3 non profit, so your donation is tax deductible. Some companies also offer matched donations, does yours? If so, that doubles your donation!  DISTRIKT can provide any official paperwork your company requires, so please don’t hesitate to email info@distrikt.org 

Thank you for your support!